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Need tips on handling a large job


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I have a buyer who would like several hundred emails edited. How does one figure out how many gigs the buyer should order or a reasonable turnaround time when I don’t know the size of the emails and they could vary greatly? I want to be very fair to the buyer, but also not cheat myself with such a large job. I am new to Fiverr and still learning how all this works. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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I would suggest requesting them to buy $5.00 worth and delivering $5.00 worth of work as a first order with the new client. Large orders on a first time client can be tricky and you would hate for it to go wrong. The first week my podcast edit gig was up, I had a client that needed 50 of them. We did one on the first order, 5 on the second and 10 on each order after that. We still finished the project in several days. It really worked well.

Embrace the account limits when you are starting out. It really could help keep things from going wrong. If I had the amount of work during my first month that I do now, I would have surely crashed and burned. The levels aren’t restrictions as much as they help you pace yourself for success. Remember 10 $5.00 orders from the same customer could end up being 10 negative reviews. On a new gig, it will take more than 100 positive reviews to take you back to 100% Feedback. Not a hole you want to crawl out of. With what’s at stake I would probably do the first email for free and make sure they like you. Good luck!

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i am a software programmer , if you need me to make you software to make your work easy message me.

software features

1 : load email from txt file

2: all mails get populated into a listbox + counts how many email’s has be loaded

3: can edit emails how ever you want , for this i need more info from you what exact you need editing , example @yahoo.com or any extension

4: just by a click of a button everything can be done that fast.

5: save output as txt file

6: filter mails , have all extension seperated

7: search & delete

8: mass load , mass deleted ,remove duplicates , more stuff

extra : depending on what you want on it il give you a fair quote.

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I don’t know whether you want to go with this or not:

Find out how many emails can be purchased with $5. Then, you divide the amount of emails he wants with the amount of emails you decided. Multiply this number by 5. Apply a 20% discount.

See if this works for you. Good luck!

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