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It would be really helpful to potential buyers if purchasers would write more meaningful reviews.

I think part of the problem is the limited time Fiverr gives to complete reviews. Three days might suffice for tangible gigs - artwork, music files, etc. However, Facebook/Twitter/Lead marketing gigs, for example, are unlikely to produce results within this time frame. Purchasers are thus limited to describing the individual service received and not the product, which is potential buyers’ main interest when reading reviews.

A 5-star rating in this instance is, thus, misleading since it can be attributed only to the purchaser/service and not the product. Many reviewers promise to update after testing the product, but I have, yet, to see one follow-up.

We all want to deal with honest and reliable salespeople so feedback on sellers is very useful. However, it is only half the equation and a comprehensive transaction overview is required.

Suggestion: It would be useful if Fiverr sent out a ‘Purchase Update’ email after, say, ten days inviting purchasers to confirm whether they are happy with the product and to send a PRODUCT review for the benefit of other Fiverr members. This would not only increase sales for the seller but it would eliminate tricksters who simply take the money and run.

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