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Double your working power without steroids - By Sumit Ojha


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I don’t know what it’s called… Some say it’s Law of Attraction… And many say it’s Weekly Target… but who care about the name. It’s work like you inject steroids

Okay. Here it is…


I make this in desk board of my macbook. And on each sticky note I write how much amount of work I did on the day and this method help me a lot to increase my working performance.

You can use stick notes for working targets and Safari widgets to put the gig details in desk board. And if you maintain them daily then sure you will increase your focus on your work and it’s help you lot to make money faster…

Try this… it’s work SUPER for me…

  • Sumit Ojha

    Web Designer

    PS : I remove my daily report on screenshot. That’s why they are empty.

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