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I'm sorry, but I need to toot this guy's horn!


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As you mostly all know, I’m a Tarot reader. I had been concerned whether or not I’d be able to make it to see my Marine husband who is overseas and I was cutting it extremely close. My cards told me I would be, but with extreme difficulty, which was not good enough for me. I wanted to know WHEN, HOW, WHERE, etc. since exact dates were never my specialty.

Well, this seller: http://fiverr.com/dakotalawrence/answer-one-psychic-question-with-details-and-timelines

I noticed that he had a lot of positive reviews and apparently he is a celebrity or something? Whatever he was, I figured I’d give it a try. I always hated pendulum readers because I do not like ‘black and white’ yes/no answers. However, I was desperate! I needed to know and my pregnancy hormones was not helping!

I asked him for the date when I will see my husband again, if I would at all.

He messaged me back in less than 24 hours and said ‘I keep seeing a number 7… February 7th?’ I was baffled. My flight date was the 10th… the 7th was too soon. My backup flight was not until July… which would be the ‘7th’ month. I was really upset and figured that was what he saw. I accepted that I wasn’t going to see my husband. I gave him positive feedback anyway and said 'Thank you.'

OH BOY WAS I WRONG! I got a phone call during my nap today (the 7th!) saying that my military obligations were cancelled for the month due to a severe snow storm and I did not have to report to my unit. They said, “Don’t worry about it… just get your happy butt to Japan.” Now, I am eagerly awaiting my cab to take me to the airport.

He was right! As impossible as his answer was, he was still right! Now, I won’t land until the 9th, but he hit it close enough! I highly, highly recommend him, despite the few negative feedbacks he has!

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