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Top 5 Things We Should Consider When Selecting a Seller


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  1. Read their gig description completely




    Most of the buyers place orders on wrong gigs. I’ve experienced this several times. I don’t know how it happens it can be that buyers are not reading the description completely but it is impossible that they don’t even read the gig title. Actually most important thing is read the gig description well. Take time and think whether the provided service is suitable to get your work done.



  2. Communicate with the seller




    It is really good if you can contact the seller before placing any order. Other than that even after the placement of your order reply seller’s requirements and try to contact with the seller until you finish complete process.



  3. Don’t only Depend on rating




    Some good guys here may have some bad experiences with buyers and have slightly low rating. So look at there work samples. Some top rated sellers have thousands of orders in their queue and they may not pay there attention individually for there orders so just search and find other good sellers as well who will able to spend more time only on your gig. Just give a try they may also good as top sellers. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid top rated sellers I am just telling that you can try small sellers as well while buying from top rated once.



  4. Consider about revision




    As a seller on fiverr I am offering graphic gigs then I usually try to offer revision till buyer satisfy. I know that this is not possible for all sellers so just check whether they provide at least few rounds of revision after they deliver your gig.



  5. Check the response time




    I’ve seen that several buyers are complaining about unresponsive sellers. Fiverr displays the response time of each seller. That indicates that how much they are active in the site. select buyers who has less than 12 hours of response time because those buyers will respond to your questions and solve your problems soon without being silent.




    hope this will help you

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Not a bad article. You may want to remove the self-promotion and put it in tips for buyers. The only areas I don’t totally agree with you on are those about revisions and response time. Revisions could vary greatly depending on the gig. For people who do handmade work or other specialty gigs, a few rounds of revision could mean low or no profit. I think sellers should have a revision policy even if it states they cost extra, but shouldn’t be considered poor choices due to just that.

Reponse time may be different for those who work 2-3 jobs or are in school. Some sellers also have 60+ gigs in queue and may only stop once a day to answer new messages. I think that is fine since buyers don’t always need express. On the other hand, sellers who take several days to respond might be questionable and those who don’t respond at all are wasting everyone’s time. Just my opinions.

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