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*WARNING* Don't Buy "Encoded" Articles for God Sake!


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There are a few very popular writing gigs, which ex. offer 10 articles for $5.

People are craving for these articles, in the belief that the gig seller wrote them him/herself, and that they are 100% unique.


The gig seller let you know that the articles are “encoded”, but they don’t tell you:

  1. All articles are taken or stolen from other websites.
  2. 100% PLAGIARISM, plain and simple!

    Still the articles pass copyscape because they are “encoded”. But don’t get fooled by this. Google can and will be able to see this when you post the encoded articles on your site.

    Before you can count to 5, you risk that your site will get penalized by Google for spam content! (Been there done that)

    If you want to read more about encoded content and why it’s so bad, you can read more in the link below.


    On this site, they even show you a ‘bot’ for creating your own encoded articles with a click of a button. So If you want to earn quick and easy money on Fiverr, and don’t mind cheating and lying to people (don’t worry, Fiverr will NOT take any actions against you, they simply don’t care) you can post a gig offering encoded articles.


  3. Create a new Fiverr gig like this ex.:


    (Notice! The seller is not lying, but is also not telling the truth. Pretty clever written gig description. From the feedback you can although read, people have no idea what they are buying. If you want to find other gigs like this, just write ex. ‘encoded articles’ in the Fiverr search box)

  4. Go to ex. ezinearticles.com and enter the desired niche/keyword in the search box.

  5. Choose desired articles and copy/paste them into the bot. (contentboss.com/pass-copyscape.php)

  6. Use the bot to encode them with a click of a button, and copy/paste the new encoded articles into a text file.

  7. Deliver the text file to customer. Voila - Happy customer!

    My problem is not the gig sellers offering encoded articles, but that they don’t tell the truth, and how much damage these articles can do to your website rankings in Google.

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@sara1984 It would not be a freshly written article. It would be spun or rewritten and use encoded content to get it to pass copyscape or make it look unique. Google will hammer you for it though.

@misel if you put an encoded content into a plain text file like notepad the encoding will be visible, you will see what appears to be strange looking characters in the text

If you are suspicious of any content that is delivered in a document just copy and paste it into a plain text file which will strip any encoding out and show you what is really there.

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Sorry to hear about that, it’s not nice having your website blacklisted. It takes a long time for search engine optimisation to work and then it can be lost by a stupid mistake or your site can be hacked. In order to get yourself off the blacklist I advise following from instruction 6 in the below guide.

cropped-sucuri-site-icon-32x32.pngSucuri Blog – 27 Jan 11 01272011_what-to-do-when-your-site-gets-blacklisted_blog.png

How To Remove Google Blacklist From Website

Steps to remove the Google blacklist from your website. Blacklisting occurs when a website is hacked. Warnings help stop visitors from being infected.

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"People are craving for these articles, in the belief that the gig seller wrote them him/herself, and that they are 100% unique."

If you buy from a PLR gig (example: “I will give you 50 articles on any topic” you know the seller isn’t writing them for you, but taking something from the public domain, most likely something that existed but was ran through an article spinner so it would look as original content in the eyes of Google. There are PLR books about dog training, PLR articles, etc, but the quality is often bad, and you’ll have to do a lot of editing before you can use it.

So you’re better off hiring “I will write 500 words for $5” and then you will get original content.

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I actually had someone who did 10 articles for $5 and they were for the most part well written and was 100% original, I checked each one for plagerism, She even did an ebook for me that was over 7000 words for $15.00. She was good but sadly for me she is no longer on fiverr(: Very rarely do I find someone offering 10 articles for $5 (How are they making any money) I did find someone else but was disappointed. I wish I was a writer myself. The topic I need articles for pertained to ecigarettes

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Reply to @klmar63: There are plenty of good writers that write original content on Fiverr. Most end up with repeat buyers because like you, people are very glad when they find a writer they trust and they’ll stick even if they try out other writers too. You can protect yourself in several ways. Check the writer’s reviews and see if they have at least 95% positive. See how recently they’ve delivered orders and that way you know that they are active sellers and haven’t drifted away but left their gigs up.

Make sure you pick someone who says clearly that they write original content. Pick someone who has decent writing in their gig descriptions and profile. Place a small order to start with, perhaps $5-15 and ask the writer to deliver it to you in plain text instead of in a Word document to avoid the Encoded document issue. Any writer should be willing and able to provide you a plain text file even if you also want a copy in Word. When you get your order, check it with Copyscape. If all goes well hopefully you’ll have a new writer to add to your list. If all doesn’t go well, you haven’t spent much to find out. Hang in there!

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Reply to @fonthaunt:

All very good advice.

I just received a $95 order from somebody who joined in January. They want a few longer pieces written. They seem nice, so I’ll chance it. I remember telling you I don’t do initial gigs if they’re most than $15. Hope I don’t get burned. 😛

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Reply to @sara1984: I know what you mean. I have a payment in clearance from a first-time buyer who paid $145 for a big job. He just ordered “off the shelf” instead of contacting me. I’ve gotten large orders from return buyers but not new buyers. I’m not counting those dollar signs until they are in my bank. Good luck with yours!

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I bought that #### from one of the persons in this thread and it was a dissapointement, yet in my first rush I left the person a good review, but now I have 20 articles which are dangerous to be put on my website and have 10 USD less in my budget. The worst part is that on some browsers you can see the “encoding” as minification of letters and it looks like sh…

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