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What systems do you use to keep yourself organized?


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I used to star the gigs that I wanted to get done for the day but it just got too unruly and I had to manually unstar the gig after it was completed.

Now I’ve been using old fashioned sticky notes. I write down everything I have to get done before I sleep and then cross it off as I go along. It’s helpful when I have only a limited number of things to do, but it gets much harder to write everything down when I have an excessive amount of gigs to do. (Not that it’s a bad thing, but still)

I have one sticky note called TO DO which are the gigs I haven’t done at all and another one called Done but not completed, meaning I still have to make revisions.

I also have an old sticky note for Fiverr estimates. It’s a five month forecast of my future earnings (e.g. Jan to May). Basically, I pick a number of gigs I think I’ll get per day and base a monthly estimated revenue that way. It’s a rather conservative number but it helps me know the health of my gig. I don’t look at it as money already in the bank but rather as milestones to keep myself motivated. It’s also really nice to totally smash my goals. 🙂 The best part is that it keeps things in perspective over the long term.

So what do you do to keep yourself organized? How do you stay sane? Please share your tips! 🙂

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