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Don't Rush For 3000+ 4000+ 5000+ Facebook Likes


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With due respect to all buyers,

As a seller of Facebook Likes, I know how tough it’s to provide only 1000 likes !!! Most buyer falls for these kinda GIG that says they will provide 3000, 4000, 5000+ Likes and then usually get cheated. Many buyers also posted here the same thing that they’v been cheated !!!

It’s not possible or sort of impossible to provide that much like in a day. I’m not saying that no one can do that. I did, right now I can provide 1000 likes with in 6 hours.But working a whole day just for $5 USD really don’t worth much.

And no one can assure you 100% non drop likes. There always will be few drops. Better ask for few hundreds of extra likes to maintain the exact amount of likes you are asking for

So when you order a GIG, be sure of the amount you are asking for and be sure that there will be few drops.

Buyer needs to consider and understand the effort and the time that a seller is giving on every order they are getting. Rushing for a large amount on a very low rate only can lead them to a cheap service or can be deceiving.

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