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Payment declined?


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Hello Fiver Support Team,

I was trying to purchased a gig last week and it was declined, then I went to get gas for my car and I wasn’t able to and i got a call from my bank’s fraud department stating that some one was trying to make a purchase in Israel with my card…and it was you guys trying to process my card from your Israel headquarter. It was very inconvenient for me because of your irresponsibility I had to borrow money from a co-worker to put gas cancel my card and wait 10 days for my new card to arrive. It is your duty to inform us if you have a headquarter in Israel and you may process a payment from there. I wish sometimes I can just hire people outside of Fiverr because of these type of things. I am afraid to use my card again or make any more purchases because it might happen again. I am very skeptic when it comes to using sites like Fiverr, I took a chance with your company and my worst nightmare came to reality. Thank you

I have been using Odesk for over 5 years and never had this Issue.

Explain yourself please, why the negligence? Do you still recommend Fiverr to me after this horrible incident? Everyone can just say sorry and move on but I am the one who have dealt with the issues due to your company’s misconduct.

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This doesn’t make sense, because credit card purchases on Fiverr are processed by Paypal, a reputable US-based company. Probably half the companies you’ve ever made purchases from are not American-based (Firestone and 7-11 chain are Japanese; Shell Oil & Stop & Shop Supermarkets are Dutch companies; Trader Joe’s is German; Everlast sports clothing & accessories-a British company) so why does it matter that this purchase is through a business that was incorporated in Israel? Fiverr has a corporate address in NYC, which last I checked is in the US.

The problem is with your bank’s fraud department, which is incapable of determining what constitutes a legitimate business, one that’s been around for over 5 years and has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. How can a bank fraud department NOT know how to check a business on BBB?

Why not express your anger to the appropriate entity, the so-called “fraud” department of your bank? And yourself, for cancelling your credit card even though a brief discussion with whatever lamebrain constitutes the “fraud” department should have immediately reminded you of your transaction. You scammed the person or persons from whom you made purchases, who then had the funds taken away despite doing the work. Shame on you.

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Reply to @celticmoon:

The order did not Go through because the payment did not process, therefore the free lancer did not get the order to start the work on it. How is that my fault that the payment did not process and why should I be ashamed? Do you even think before opening your mouth in real life or is that how you behave? I am not the one who is doing this on purpose. I made a mistake posting this here because I am not looking to find people to tell me that it was mine or my bank’s fault. Why don’t you look up and see where does Fiverr process their payments from. Just because the companies are not American based that does not mean that they are processing your Credit card outside of the US. So think before writing your thoughts out.

You have an option to make a payment via paypal or directly with your Card to Fiverr. I strongly believe that you have never purchase anything here and have no prior knowledge of this topic not sure why did you input your feedback.

And the so-called Fraud department saved me from paying excessive fees if the payment were to be processed outside of US or if my card info was stolen by a hacker. Again read or go to a bank and learn how the system works before pointing fingers at people trying to sound smart in a criteria where you no knowledge about. Go check my rating I have always paid my Freelancer on time and never had a issue with them.

They have previously processed my payments from NY, and last time they tried to process the payment from Israel. You didn’t check anything otherwise you wouldn’t sound ignorant please next time check your facts before writing or intervening in a top that you have no knowledge about. I am not even going to fix the rest of your comment because I feel like your IQ is 67.

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