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Promote your Fiverr gigs in a BIG WAY for less then $5. Learn how


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Hi Friends, Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to. I know I was super active in the forum when I joined but somewhere along the line, I just got lazy. lol

So here’s the deal… I found an excellent way for everyone to promote their Fiverr gigs for under $5. How ? its simple.

  1. Get a cheap .com domain (You can get them for $3 even sometimes when promos are on).
  2. Paste your fiverr gigs and links to your fiverr profile on the page
  3. Get cheap web hosing $0.99 (check this page) - FRAGGLESROCK
  4. At this web host, you also get $100 FREE google adwords voucher… so you can use it to promote your fiverr site (which leads to your fiverr gigs).

    Easy and cheap way to promote your gigs in a BIG WAY.

    Even if you buy 100 clicks with your free voucher, and get even 10% people to visit your page and buy ? Do the math 🙂

    Good luck!


    *** Sheriff’s note: Your link was not appropriate for the forum at this time and was removed. Thank You ***
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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yeah I get it. Thanks for your help.

Actually I am not sure how to paste a banner which leads to the discounted page here so I had to share the link of my blog where I posted it. Oh well, I guess if someone needs it they can drop me a message on fiverr 🙂

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