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Question about many "Lifestyle" gigs, any experiences or recommendations?


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I was doing a search for “bodytalk” which brought me to a gig on here. Since this is normally performed with another person actually touching you, I’m very confused about how this would work. The reviews were all positive so I’m sure this works great, I’m just wondering exactly how this is performed since clearly it’s not in person.

After I found the bodytalk gig, I spent some time looking at many other gigs offered in the lifestyle category.I feel really stupid asking this but I’m just wondering how a lot of these actually work. I’m not talking about the psychic gigs or anything like that where you actually receive a service after you pay. Some of the one’s I wasn’t sure about were: prayers, send positive energy, spells, make a donation somewhere, meditate for a certain amount of time, etc. I’m not questioning whether they work or not, I’m just wondering how the gig works after you pay. I mean do you get anything after you pay? Like do they just reply back saying done? Someone please help me with this because like I said I feel like an idiot right now not knowing how any of this works. Thanks so much!!

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