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Can anybody see me, lol?


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Guest mrspanda

I have seen new sellers on the front page before, but not featured. I would say your best bet is to get your gig collected, self-promotion, etc.

Also, see if you are on the front page of your category. Ive never been on the front page of fiverr itself but I have been on the front page of my category, being ranked #8 by ratings. Maybe you should aim for that. 🙂

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hey mrspanda,

i been on the fiverr home page for a whole day i get few gigs but after i started to go down and down and down and then nothing… but the people i was in between in the home page gets down with me but some did get back… what would help is to know how it works it mechanism… so we try to catch up… do you know anything about that?

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I’m in the same boat 🙂 Its very hard to to be seen in category if you are new seller. But there are a lot of things what you can do to promote your GiG.

= Promote your gig in the forums, blogs, websites related to your niche - put offer in signature - create posts, threads add comments and be active. Always give some bonus.

= I know that some sellers in different forums are offering gig for free if buyer will leave positive comment and seller will give them back those five dollars. So one positive review for the seller costs one dollar and of course - work.

= You have video - great! Upload it to video sharing sites linking back to your GiG. And dont forget about video seo (bookmarks, shares, backlinks)

= Buy GiGs in your niche where sellers offering Social signals, shares to facebook, twitter etc.

Hope It helps.

Good Luck


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