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Why aren't my gigs showing up in search results?


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I joined Fiverr about 7 weeks ago and now I have posted 7 gigs, all of them are active, but since last week the number of impressions, views, clicks started dropping very quickly. Number of orders I was getting also dropped to about 1-2 per week, from about 5-7 per week.

And now, when I looked for my gigs in their categories, I couldn’t find them. None of them showed up in the search page, or in their categories among other gigs.

I wasn’t logged in when I did this, so I guess my gigs aren’t visible to visitors too.

Here are some of my gigs:





If you have any idea why this is happening or if this is happening to you too, please comment. I edited them and tried adding keywords in the description hoping that might get them on the search page, but it didn’t work either. But most of the gigs on the top of their categories have barely 2-3 sentences in their descriptions.

Thanks in advance

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No one knows why these things happen…

All I can say is, “Welcome to fiverr - a place where sellers are treated like crap for no apparent reason” 🙂

Same thing happened to me a while ago, my gigs were removed from the search results… I noticed that my sales had dropped and I was only getting orders from my old customers / people that already knew about me.

After a heated message to the customer support I learned that my gigs were removed cause someone had reported my gig for “plagiarism” even tho all of my work is 100% original and I don’t even use any templates. (1100+ feedback gig).

Apparently your competitors can report you to customer support, come up with a bogus story about you counterfeiting something and Your “business” is ruined!

This is why I found it healthier to move my business elsewhere and not feed a system that is so crooked and 2 out of 10 orders are done for free.

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