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Fiverr is of the Devil Bobby Boucher!


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There are a lot of people in the web design and SEO community that looks at fiverr with fear and they think it is evil!

The truth is, SEO Backlink building is a pain in the butt! There are those that say backlink building is dead, and maybe it is wounded, but I think for now Zombie backlinks seem to still have an impact on “what page of google am I on” So there are those out there that say the following article is Black Hat tips, but when I go to their site and look at their backlinks guess what I find…23,000+ links! So it’s okay for them, but I shouldn’t do it! The only way they got all those links legit is if they have a small sweat shop filled with children creating links for them each by hand!

So when I started out in website design and when I learned the four letter word SEO I started to see what I could do to increase my backlink love. So I tried many different venders on Fiverr to see what worked and what was a waste of $$ and what was a disaster and got some of my youtube videos pulled. (Read my Youtube Vs. Vimeo The Good The Bad and the Ugly article for more) A lot of people want to know “do fiverr backlinks work?” and I’m here to say…yup.

Do Fiverr Backlinks Work?

So while I wouldn’t say Fiverr is of the Devil Bobby Boucher I would say be careful!

Here are some of the fiverr gigs I have used on different websites that actually helped and the links didn’t disappear a week later.



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fiverr backlinks does harm then good.

i have done seo for over 18 years white hat and blackhat

done all my stuff i have all the latest toys like scrapebox trackbacks submission tools ,

spyglass and all dat

whitehat seo is not as affective as before but the backlinks does count depending on what sites you post your links on.

if you post your links on any sites google wil se it as a spam, if u post links on sites that is relivent to your site then thats ok but post on high pr domain pages only or root if u can.

there is more to it also made typo errors to lazy to fix them sorry.

blackhat seo

its like this , you have opened a new website and you wish to get genuine traffic , you come on fiverr thinking wow so many backlinks gigs

i will give multi million links to your site for $5

1000000000 backlinks for $5

wiki links for$5

pyramids backlinks $5

1: all fake you wiill not get what you normally expect

2: they will spam de shit out of other sites with your domain link , your site will suffer

3:all the backlinks on fiverr are fake does not work its a easy income for seller.

this is the sellers process how he makes money of dumb customers

1:customer orders gives website and 5 keywords

2: seller goes out blasting your domain to all the site he has auto approve blogs

3: seller comes back gives you a bunch of list in a text file all spam links.

at the end your site will get penalized by google forever.

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