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7 Secret Buyer Buttons


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Welcome Fiverr Team! I am a recent buyer but a long time fan. In my current life I mentor small businesses so they can become medium businesses and medium businesses so they never forget to act like a small business. I spent countless hours over the last week sifting through hundreds of Fiverr gigs looking for a few long term “team members”. I have talked with some wonderful people and there are some that I really wanted to buy but just couldn’t bring myself to start a relationship with them.


As a buyer, marketing professional, and all around Zen person, I look for the best in everyone… BUT -

Rule 1: If you are trying to sell ANY gigs: Make sure the Headline makes sense. I lost count of the ones that either have typos or just do not make sense. Most buyers will just keep scrolling.

Rule 2: If you are trying to sell WRITING gigs - Make sure the headline AND your ad has good grammar and NO typos. It is an easy fix that guarantees buyers will at least consider your ad. Read through them and you will see what I mean. How can I buy an article or even consider a Press Release written by an “expert” that has a very poorly written gig with no command of the English language? Really!?!!

Rule 3: If you are trying to sell ENGLISH WRITING gigs - Have someone else proof read the ad. We do it in the print world all the time. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Buyers can forgive a simple mistake, but not 2,3,4…

Rule 4: If you are trying to sell INTRO/OUTRO/COMMERCIAL gigs - Please offer more than one style of music choice. I saw some decent gigs but the harsh single focus music would not allow me to see how I could use them. Edgy music is great for some clients, but for others, not so much… Put some variety in your samples.

Rule 5: If you are trying to sell Add Ons - which can be awesome, make sure you actually explain them. There were several that left me scratching my head wondering what they were offering.

Rule 6: If you are trying to build great repeat business - Please reply to posts. If your customers leave a kind word please reply. Those few words mean a lot to us buyers. It shows us that we are more than just a Fiverr. AND if someone is just “one of those customers” and leaves a less than desirable post, politely stand your ground. Do not just ignore it. Trust me, we all know people like that. We will give you the benefit of the doubt if you have a polite rebuttal.

Rule 7: If you are trying to sell REPEAT business - Find the customers you loved working with and keep in touch. Also, remember to “make your pitch” at the conclusion of a successful transaction. Be happy, be polite, and be in touch with your customers. Ask them more about their project, make an offer to do things that perhaps they had not considered. What is the worst that could happen? They might not take you up on the offer, but then again, they might. You are known to them now, that is better than the alternative!

There are many great people with great gigs here. Make friends, ask others to critique your ad. It could make the difference in success or failure. Questions? Give me a shout. I am happy to help! Now get out there and sell me something!!!

Have a Zen kinda day!


P.s. Here is a secret hint for those that read the whole post. Make your gig and cover pics STAND OUT. I couldn’t care less if you give me a sexy pose for a writing assignment. It will work against you, so get creative to show me YOU have a creative side. After all, no one wants a bland writer. Do something really creative! Hint: It helped sell me on one new team member already. Peak the buyer’s curiosity!

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Thank you for the comments! A community that works together will grow stronger. Those that do not simply fail and blame their ills on others. Besides, it never hurts to help the person standing next to you. One day, it may be you. I am always open to help any way I can, if anyone would like. Just shout!


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Hello Markus, thank you for sharing these valuable insights. I’ve read them carefully and am happy to say that I checked off all of your points related to my services in creating my own Gigs. 😃

I just became a member last night, and creativity and accuracy are also very important to me. However, it wouldn’t hurt to hear your feedback in case I still missed something. If you don’t mind, and have the time to spare, could you please take a look? Thank you so much! 🙂

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