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Write a clear and organised plan!


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I got some messages these days, some buyers were interested in my photography service.

For example, someone is in need of photographs that shows love, no matter if couples, landscapes, animals etc.The main idea is that he needs photos themed “love”.

He asked me what can I offer?

I will tell you why this approach is not a good idea. Because the possibilities are so many and it takes time for any seller to put down his possibilities for you and a price -the price is different, depending on your request. But wait, your request is not clear.And here is the problem.

I sent him a message and told him about my possibilities and than he said he would need something different.So I wasted my time to tell him a beautiful story about what I can do and than he told me that this is not what is he looking for.

If you are a buyer and you are looking for specific services, write you plan in a document, write EXACTLY what do you need done and if possible, also mention your budget - this is optional.

Its easier from so many reasons, first of all, you just copy and paste your plan and send it to potential sellers. The seller will give you a reply, maybe a simple YES or a simple NO. So you dont have to wait for replies that maybe will never arrive, because not everybody will waste their time to tell you about their possibilities and give you a reply to your very uncertain request.

So write your plan in a document, make sure it is CLEAR and ask precise questions.

Questions like “What can you do to make this photo beautiful?” or “What can you offer?” or “What customized requests can you fulfill?” Yes, these questions are in my inbox and I will not waste my time to send answers.

What I am trying to say is that you must be clear. It`s a must and if you respect this, you have all the chances to find the best seller for you and get a great job done.

Thank you and hugs! >:D<

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