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What do you do when you get no response from designer


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All sellers have their own methods and schedules. After submitting the required information you can expect to hear from the seller at latest a few minutes before the deadline is reached when the seller delivers your order.

If you asked questions in between then you should take time zone differences into account.

If constant communication is necessary for the job then its always a good idea to have a discussion pre ordering, check if your online schedules match, ask about the sellers working hours, time zone and schedule.

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I am a level 2 seller doing graphics on Fiverr. I’ll tell you how I am doing this. Just think my delivery time is 2 days. If the buyer send me the adequate information to design the graphic he needs, I won’t usually contact the buyer again until I complete the work. Sometimes I finish my design in 1 day and sometimes at 47th hour. If I don’t have enough information to design, then I will contact the buyer within those two days. Most of the time within the first 12-24 hours. Then deliver the product within the promised time frame of 2 days. The modifications will do within next few days. It won’t get much time. If the promised delivery time is high (Eg:20 days), I will send a message by saying your order is processing. Then buyer will know I am doing the project.

Therefore As mgjohn78 mentioned different sellers have different methods. But buyer should know what to see before selecting a seller. If the seller is having positive feedbacks at least over 100, you can trust them.

This is my way of doing things. Hope you may be had a idea on how sellers are communicating through this message.

Good luck,


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