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How to Make your Seller give you the Best Service Ever!


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Hello People, It’s Tyler and wow! I’ve been gone for quite a while, anyway am back! 🙂

Today, I want to quickly share with you the basics of how you can easily get the best of service from your seller and make him or her deliver fast.

For the past years I have been delivering services on freelance sites, I can easily say that I have enjoyed my stay on these sites due to one very important factor. "COMMUNICATION."

As long as you can start up and maintain a reasonable communication level with your seller, you will definitely get the best service out of him or her.

When I get clients who do not communicate effectively, it leads to waste of time, energy and money.

Just imagine, if you need to get a job done as fast as possible (may be Graphics, SEO, Article etc.), but couldn’t explain the details to your seller properly, the seller goes ahead to design or carry out your instructions and then delivered.

Then you saw the job and was enraged because he did exactly the opposite of what you want!

You’ll have to go back and order for modifications and this will make your seller to start afresh.

At this stage the enthusiasm of the designer would have reduced and he will just do the job due to necessity or fear of having a bad rating.

But with Good Communication, even if your job is not perfect, it would be 80% okay and the designer or seller can easily make adjustments where necessary and deliver your gig in time.

In my former account which I had to close down for this new one, I have shared several tips on how to be a successful buyer on fiverr.com and on other freelance sites too.

I may have to do an update on each of those posts later.

If you are someone who is in need of Graphics Designs or a Permanent Professional Graphics Designer of high integrity and business focus, You may visit my Fiverr Account to check out my Latest Gigs.


Until I bring another cool tips to you, 🙂



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I am a level 2 seller and I will agree with your idea up to some extent. That is because the communication is a must factor while making a graphic according to the customer need. But I won’t reduce my enthusiasm just because of buyer asked to modify the design. Sometimes I work more and more to give a better design to satisfy the customer. My primary intention is to provide a better quality design at first time. Therefore as you said I will contact buyer till I get the exact info need. It usually take more than a day due to the different in time zones. Therefore what my idea is don’t be hurry when you are purchasing a service. Don’t think too much about the time that designer takes. Let the designer to take the time and deliver you good quality product.

I am a seller designing graphic, so I know what I should have to design a better quality logo, banner, facebook cover, business card and etc. So communication is very important but enthusiasm won’t go down just because of a buyer ask for modifications.

Good luck.

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