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The Custom Project Experience

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Hello community and fiverrs!

I’ve been around a few months now and I have to say I am amazed at how incredibly fast my business here has grown. As a real-world-professional artist, retoucher and fashionista I was highly dubious of the fiverr business model from a seller perspective. It just didn’t seem to make sense to offer gigs which would appear to be a loss from the start e.g. professional fashion-house retouching of a portrait which takes 2-3 hours for $5 minus agency commission? Madness!

The truth is, of course, it isn’t about that. It takes effort, trials, errors and hard work to discover what works for the individual and their goals and business plan(s). Many sellers here are looking for the golden nugget of a gig which takes 5 minutes and delivers the $4 net fee and many find it, or something approaching it. True, one has to kiss some frogs along the way, but sometimes there’s a princess or prince to be discovered.

The pot at the other end of the rainbow is, of course, the custom quote. That’s what I want to talk about here.

My gig for producing high quality paintings and pencil drawings from an idea or photograph invariably begins with a custom quote.


The issue I want to highlight is twofold: first although I am consistently delivering my highest quality work through this gig it still sits there at 0 sales and no contribution to my 100% rating. Second, these types of gigs help to differentiate the pros from the twats (by that I mean the skilled and experienced artisans from the pretenders with a ripped off copy of Photoshop CS or Corel Paint from 1985; and not necessarily those of us lucky enough to earn a living from the arts in the former case), yet I am similarly unable to show the feedback I get from these gigs to fuel further commissions.

Would it be possible to consider displaying custom gigs alongside the normal gigs, and feeding the deliveries and success rate into the pot? Perhaps as a standalone section related to the feeder gig? I think that would be a relatively small investment in dev time for a large return in enhanced revenues.

Just a thought and personal plea! (sorry for the wall of text)


Candi x


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