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Bought 500 likes for 5$ and my account was blocked due to fraudulent behaviour


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Hello Guys

wanted to try the service and went ahead with a 5$ for 500 likes. my account now is blocked my FB telling me there is has been fraud activity in my account. has anybody had the same experience?

the name of the one who provided the service is fragglesrock.

anyone has an idea - I am frustrated and in deep problem with FB not wanting to open my account to adversing

was stupid enough to re order 1000 more like from Denmark a minute before my account was blocked

need your advise pls

thank you


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For FB, never contacted their support as I never had any problems but you may try to play harder on it. Tell them that you didn’t buy those links and that probably your competitors are trying to do blackhat SEO for your sites/fb pages 😃 Don’t know what else to suggest.

For fiverr… They maybe do not have manpower to keep up with scammers but there is no need for many people to clean up likes/tweets and similar spam. I agree that you can’t catch all the new gigs selling likes but there are people with 1k or more sales still there. People sell thousands of backlinks for $5 and such rubbish and they are still there.

Fiverr must decide. They will either allow that scum offers and be ready to be known as black hat SEO center or they will accept to loose some money but clean up that mess in internet marketing category.

My primary business is SEO and I really feel bad when seeing people selling spam are making thousands per month.

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