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Problems with an order


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Fist I was skeptical about “fiverr” but decided that I will try one service offered. On my Facebook fan page I did not have any new likes for a very long time, so I thought $ 5.00 for 1000 new “LIKE’s” sounds great . I ordered and was pleasantly surprised that out of my old original 129 became within 24 hours 1,160 LIKEs.

I was convinced that I will use other “fiverr” services as well very soon. According to the order, I should have now a minimum of 1,129. Today I found out that I only have a total of 994. I know that none of my friends (the 129 original Likes) “unlinked” my page.

So you can imagine that I am very disappointed, and who is to say that the number of 994 will not farther shrink? I also was not able to find an e-mail address or link in order to complain to “fiverr” directly.

Perhaps somebody here is able to help or/and explain?

Thanking you in advance,


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