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My payoneer account going to disable


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I got an email from payoneer that my account is going to disable on 17/10/2014. I ask them why,and payoneer told me that they can’t give me any info about this matter and they still going to disable the account.

My question is this. Is there any possibility to unlink that payoneer account and link a new payoneer account to my fiverr account. If it can be done please tell me how to do it.

Thank you


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Dear thejan

This message is to inform you that unfortunately, in accordance with Payoneer’s Terms and Conditions, we will no longer be able to provide you with a payment solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

In order to avoid delayed or declined payments, we advise that you not attempt to send any additional payments to your Payoneer account.

Your account will be disabled in 5 business days, on 17/10/2014. Please be sure to access any available account balance by that time, as once your account is disabled you will be unable to access those funds.

Please note that once you provide us with the relevant requested information mentioned in the previous E-mail we will resume review and restore your account.



Hello dear payoneer staff team, I would like to know why I received this message, what happened exacly, wouldn’t I have access to Payoneer service anymore or what?, I have no idea, but did I break any rule? please respond asap, and what will happen if my account is disabled, I won’t be using the card anymore?

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