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How to promote fiverr gig


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Hello fiverr community.

I join fiverr before one month. I got 11 orders in 15 days. I didn’t promote my gig any where and got 11 orders. But now i don’t get any order since one week why? can any one help me

How can i get more order?

How can i promote my gig?

How can i promote my gig outside and inside of fiverr?

Please help me I’m new to fiverr. Thanks


Hassan Mehmood

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I might actually order from you tonight. I like your whiteboard gig. Why not create another gig called “I will create a gig video” for those of us who don’t like being on camera?

How to promote outside of Fiverr? Maybe on Facebook, create a Facebook Page dedicated to your Fiverr works, perhaps one about Whiteboards that people can search, upload your favorite stuff.

Since you’re from Pakistan, I would consider translating some of your gigs to Pashtu, get some of those local clients. I can’t guarantee a lot of sales from that, I do speak Spanish as a second language and have gotten some Spanish orders.

Or could could create a gig called “I will create a Pakistani-Style Whiteboard.” Might get some British clients from that, lots of Pakistanis in England.

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