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5 Steps to make 10-20 Sales per day!


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Hello, Tyler here!

Here’s one of my Old posts from my former Fiverr account, I just went searching for the Posts and thought I should share this with you. So Enjoy! 🙂


I quickly want to show you guys who are having challenges with your fiverr account how to make at least 10 -20 sales per day on your Account.

As an experienced Freelancer of over 10 years, I had always been skeptic to join The Fiverr Community because I felt the whole Idea of selling my hard earned skills for 5 bucks was crazy.

But recently I decided to bring in just one of my skills into fiverr and see how it rolls.

Below are the 5 Things you need to do to make 10-20 Sales per day!


    Most Sellers just claim to be what they are not! Why would you say you have 10 years experience in Internet Marketing, SEO, Traffic, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing … and you can’t actually explain what Web Crawlers are?

    I have a friend of mine who has an account here and when he didn’t get sales on his Article Writing Gigs, he decided to create a gig on LOGO DESIGN (Which was not his expertise.) Within 24 hours, he’s got 3 Orders and it becomes a problem to him because he knows nothing about Logo Design.

    Buyers are now exposed to these gimmicks and they would rightly order immediately from someone they believe is an expert in a particular Niche or Sub-Niche.

    Personally, I am a full time Graphics Design expert and I use several Graphics Software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Gimp and Inkscape for my designs… But still, I choose a Sub-Niche for my Service: EBOOK COVERS DESIGNS ONLY!


    One of the things I learnt from freelance job is that as a professional, you need to be able to convince your clients that you are indeed an expert in what you are offering.

    Just like I said above, most people don’t know much about the services they claim to offer and so they always look for blackhat methods to execute these services.

    When you are offering a Traffic Service and you rely on a Bot software to drive traffic to your client’s site, how would you feel if you were sent fake Dollars too?

    So, if you are looking to make awesome sales on your fiverr account.

    Learn about a particular skill professionally and be able to convince your buyer that you’re the right person for the job.


    Immediately you see that mail that says: “Hello! I would like to know more about…”, jump on your computer and start writing those cool words that will assure your buyer that you are here for them and answer any questions they may have concerning your gig offers.

    Make sure your first reply is all the assurance your buyer needs to stay with you forever!

    Most Sellers don’t understand that communication is paramount and words like “Thanks for your Order”, “Glad to have you here” and "Wow! welcome to my Fiverr Office " will go a long way in making the buyer feel more at home and be happy that he’s contacting a reasonable and matured minded seller.


    If you know how peoples’ mind work, we are all hard-wired to want more for less!

    When we visit a shopping mall to make some purchases, we all want to get into a discount store to purchase items with coupons.

    We feel elated when a customer sells us an important item with a bonus attached to it.

    So, the same is applicable here, though these guys are requesting for a 5 bucks job, they want quality and still wants a bonus attached to it.

    If you can do both, then your sales will boost incredibly because these happy buyers will recommend you to others and assure them of your reputation.


    When I first started Freelancing a few years ago, I didn’t really have much time for promotion.

    I just created an account and filled all the necessary forms and profile stuff and left.

    Then every other week, I get mails telling me to work on my profile, check other similar profiles to know how to do it well and make sure I drive my own focused and Targeted Traffic to my account.

    It was only when I joined relevant Groups on Social Media Sites and Forums and was a great help to these people, that I started getting sales and my profile was improving gradually.

    The more positive reviews you get, the more sales that will becoming your way.

    Check out the top rated sellers here and you will realize that even though they have 5-10 days delivery, they still have enormous orders in queue!

    So, promote your account and make people find you wherever they are.


    If you read through this post again, you will see what you have been doing right and what you need to adjust, then you will start seeing changes immediately these corrections are made.

    It would do you well, if you can print out this article for constant reference.

    There have been other great articles like this on this Forum and if you have a note to take them down, I am positive that you would have improved your fiverr sales tremendously!

    So, until next time I bring you more tips to great sales and Dollar$$.

    Have a Great Week ahead!


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Very helpful article! 🙂 I’m very glad to have fiverr. As a veteran broadcaster with over 10 years under my belt, I took a chance to work at home by creating a fiverr account, and channeled my broadcasting expertise into a full time business, making radio commercials from home! And now I get to stay home with my kids! 🙂 I am very glad I have a niche that I can specialize in, and I’m very glad for this platform (fiverr) which makes it possible for me to tap into the buyers market for those looking for my skills. I am thrilled lately, because 6 orders a day is quite common now! I’m looking forward to what’s just over the horizon! 🙂

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you or anybody mentions use (social network ) to drive traffic to your gigs

outcome results

1:fiverr site gets more traffic from your social network followers

2: your gig’s get higher view count but no sales

3: social network users come visit your gig then they will bounce of looking at the website trying to understand what is all about once they know how it works they will start using the search bar , ignoring you or your gigs.


to get sales

1: unique gig is needed , people ignore duplicated gigs

2: contacting business owers offer them service from craigslist

3: your own website offer the same , u need traffic to make this work , this is what i do i have large volume of traffic to my site

:-j :-j <<<<<<<< more then 40 topic is posted like this and if i se it my eyes feel wet

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