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Good Evening All,

I’m hoping that somebody here can help a little bit with a problem I’m having with my Fiverr Funds. I currently have $39 in my funds. I’ll clarify so I don’t get any responses suggesting it’s impossible because Fiverr operates in increments of $5. 35 of the 39 dollars are from an order that was cancelled by the seller because they didn’t think they could fulfill an order. While I’m mentioning that, props to that seller for being honest and upfront rather than throwing out something mediocre and taking my money. The other $4 are from one sell that I made around a year ago. I thought I’d like to try selling gigs but I was one and done. So now I’m stuck with $39. I’m aware of the following terms but I’m going to include them in the event that others don’t and end up finding this thread when having their own issues.

  • I know that I can’t pull the money out of Fiverr and put it back into my PayPal. These are Fiverr Credits so they have to be spent on Fiverr.

  • I know that Fiverr currently doesn’t have a way to deposit funds into your Fiverr account, thus each order unless covered by Fiverr funds, must be retrieved from your PayPal.

  • I know that orders covered by your Fiverr Funds, will be deducted from said funds.

    So now that all of that is out of the way, has anyone found a way to use your Fiverr Funds and then use PayPal to cover the rest? My current situation is one in which I’m trying to purchase a gig ($5) and an extra ($40) that is going to result in a total of $45. Obviously, that is going to be $6 more than what I currently have in my Funds. Ideally, I’d be able to use the $39 in my Fiverr Funds and then have Fiverr direct me to PayPal to cover the additional $6. Instead, Fiverr is directing me straight to PayPal to pay the full $45 because my Fiverr Funds don’t cover the entirety of the payment.

    Now, I could go on an entire rant as to why I think is ridiculous on Fiverr’s part and how easily I think it would be to adopt a process that used Fiverr Funds first and then PayPal. But rather than dabble in cynicism and negativity, I’d rather just find out if anyone has a solution or idea. I’m not interested in pulling out yet another $45 for a Fiverr project when I already have $39 dedicated for Fiverr use only. And in the event the project suffered the same fate as my last order, I’d end up having $84 in my Fiverr account. Which is another increment outside of $5, so I wouldn’t be able to use all of the funds then either. I already thought about asking the seller if I could purchase other extras instead of the $40 extra to cover the cost so I’m not spending much out of my PayPal but all of the other extras are $20. Any ideas or work arounds?
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This is kind of a nutty idea but it’s all I have. Theoretically if the seller created a custom gig for this they could make a $5 gig and a $30 extra or combo of extras. That takes $35 from your Fiverr funds. Then you pay them an additional $10 from Paypal. That pays them 45 and leaves you $4 which you can withdraw to PayPal since it was from a sale.

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