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No anyone give me order why please can any one tell me


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Its been a year on Fiverr. I haven’t get any Order. I dont know why is it so?

I am a University Student and I have to meet my fee expenses. I am really worried now. Can some one look at my gigs?

Is there any problem in them please tell me. I shall be very thankful to all respected members.

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ujonline's public profile on Fiverr

This is UJ, A creative Graphic Designer!I offer the highest quality in service, customer support and for the best value for money. Don’t just take my word for it, read some of my clients Reviews.

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Once again, ujononline… you posted this same comment in multiple other forums. The more people see the same comment from you all over the place, the less likely they are to want to help you out. Please be patient on the forums… and patient as a fiverr seller.

My advice… advertise offline, don’t wait for the buyers to miraculously find you in the Fiverr marketplace. Be proactive. Take the time to market your gigs online.

And, getyourdreams, being successful on Fiverr does NOT happen overnight. Promote your gigs on other websites, appropriate forums, blogs, social media. Buyers will not find you if you don’t stand out from the crowd.

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One thing I will recommend for sure is have someone check your grammar.

When I read your description it said “you can trust me order me,” something

along that line. It is hard for many buyers (including myself) to trust a seller who is not willing to

put in the extra effort to get the grammar correct, and we worry that it might lead to communication problems. Good luck!

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