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Respond To Sellers Complaints


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Im posting this because i see new sellers complaining everywhere about not making any sales.

Well it took seven months for me to get my first order on fiverr!

To be honest; I wasnt so seriouse about it and during that time I wasnt active at all.

I just wanted to give it a shot, Posted couple gigs and never logged back,

until I got a message from a client, I did the work; Got positive review, And updated my gigs.

The ones that got attention I presented them well, And deleted the rest.

The effect took place so fast that I started getting daily requests from buyers.

In just one day i got 7 orders which helped me achieve level one seller,I Was so excited that I have unlocked the gig Extras.

All of this happened in total of 10 days, and im currently 70% level 2

I belive I can be level 2 in the next couple weeks.

So my respond to all the complaints is look at what you are offering! ask youself; Who will need this? If I was the costumer will I buy my gig? Who am i targetting?

Other than that my tips would be :

1- Treat your clients well,Be polite and communicate in a professional way.

2- Pay attention to your client needs and ask questions to understand them well.

3- Deliver good quality products even its just 5$.

4- Aim for good reveiws more than $.

Best of luck to you all.



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Ash, some buyers don’t recognize quality, some buyers have no taste, and some sellers are dealing in subjective gigs where your opinion of quality may differ from your buyer’s.

I see you illustrate children’s books, haven’t you gotten buyers that bitch about the bunny’s ears being too big, or the bunny being too scary, or some nonsense like that?

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: About 20% of the clients who say “I’ll leave that up to your artistic vision!” actually mean “Read my mind and do it in the very specific way in my head”.

It’s like they think “artistic vision” is some type of precognition all artists have. We’re just people with art supplies, guys, not fortune tellers.

Good grief.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: I agree with you some clients have no tast, But they know what they want when they see it.

Most of the time my production satisfy my clients, Only in some cases the result is so close but I dont mind making the modifications they ask.

For the rabbit its from a personal project and yeah it supposed to be scary 🙂 ,If you noticed it has fangs instead of regular rabbit teeth.

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Ditto, ditto, ditto. There are a couple great posts with tips specifically for new sellers rolling around that are great if anyone is looking for really specific ways to market their gigs or find buyers, but your post really should be the gist of it.

I didn’t make my first sale (or even hit level one) by someone picking my gig out of the list. I submitted all the buyer’s requests I was allowed to submit each day. Those buyers were the ones who got me to level one and then people started finding me.

I know the marketplace is more competitive now than when I started (though, to be honest, if you’re actually offering quality services, the field is still relatively narrow), but I think the principle still applies. If people aren’t finding you, you’ve got to go out and find them. That’s just the two cents I would drop in.

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Reply to @emasonwrites: Thank you very much for your comment, your approach is great. If I remember right I was allowed to send 1 or 2 offers in a 24h periode,I only sent them couple of times,now however I have 10, I never used them all.

I didnt get any sales by doing that,also when I see some request that im interested in,and I try to send an offer, it only allow me to send the wrong gig!? 😃

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