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Is it allowed to put a twitter link when we reply to our customers PMs?


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I am back on Fiverr after several months and during this time, I created a professionnal Twitter account. My question is simple, but I guess that I already know the answer (which is “no”) : Is it possible to add a link to our Twitter account after sending a reply to a PM or when we deliver a gig ?

Please let me know, because I can’t find the answer to my question anywhere 🙂 .



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As you already said, giving links is not permitted. As far as I know only links to youtube, flickr and similar are allowed. Not sure about twitter but I suppose that giving any contact info of your company/name is forbidden.

What can be tolerated by fiverr is giving link in purposes like showing your previous works and similar. For example I sell guest posts on my blogs. People ask me for blog url addresses and I give to them, but it is logical, they want to know in advance where their post will be published.

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