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Why Are Sellers Not Promoting Their Gigs


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It amazes me when a seller contacts me to ask for our advice. As marketing and public relations experts, we get a lot of fiverr sellers who contact us and ask, why am I not getting any sales? We ask them what are they doing to promote their gig and some of the replies shock me.

Some sellers tell me they did not know they had to promote their gig, others say they do not know how to promote their gig. Basically, if you want to earn money from fiverr and you want your gig to be a success, then you have to promote your gig.

With all the messages we receive over fiverr gigs and how to get more sales, we set up a brand new service to help sellers increase their exposure. But still we have people saying to us, they thought fiverr did all the promotion and as soon as they put the gig up, they thought they would get sales.

It is important that you promote your fiverr gig so you can earn a living. There are lots of people on fiverr who make a great living, so for people who want to make a living from fiverr, please promote your gig.

There are so many different way to promote your services, which can be done online and offline. Our advice to people who are looking to make money from fiverr is this:

Forget about fiverr. Forget fiverr is a big company. Pretend you have your own little website promoting the services that you offer, and then think what should you be doing to drive traffic to your service. Also pretend your service is on the high street, what would you do to get people through your doors.

Once you start to think this way, you will then understand how important promoting your gig is.

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