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My all gigs are denied


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Unfortunately, there is no way for us to tell you why all of your gigs were denied. Only Fiverr and you will know. Fiverr sends messages stating some sort of reason why your gigs were denied. What did they say?

Perhaps if you do not understand, we may be able to clarify if you can paste what they said the reason was. But we cannot tell you why your gigs were denied. We cannot see your gigs to even suggest a possible reason it was denied, as they are no longer visible to us.

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I was trying to add extra Two gigs to my account but they were denied but on Fiverr, there are similar gigs that are related to my types that are active and allow.

You can take a look of those my two gigs Titles below:

***I will give/send you genuine working 6000 emails addresses for $5

***I will edit any of your PDF documents to any file format of your choice for $5

I have to show you two similar gigs that are active and allow below:



Why is it that my own gigs are denied?

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I know exactly what has happened here. I had some experience with it myself.

At a random time I did something wrong. I don’t know what because all I got was one email from fiverr support saying I had been banned.

I sent them at least 20 emails asking for details about this. I can understand why they would ban some people, but me? No way. I played everything right. I gave them my 20% fees on all my gigs. Paid their wages. But still no reply.

I’m sorry to say this, but you will have to move on. Think of other ways to make money. Truth be told, fiverr to small business owners are like Google to niche sites. But don’t worry. Someday they will pay. Just keep going.

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