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How to Become a Fiverr Top Rated Seller

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Guest megginwriter

While Fiverr provides all of us with a chance to show off our skills and create a side income for your household through a simple to use interface, it does require some work to attain the right type of attention and detail. As you know, Fiverr provides its sellers with a ‘Level’ and it varies from Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated Seller. Now, receiving Top Rated seller on Fiverr is a difficult and trying process, and it could take months depending on the product you are selling.

I was lucky that my work was spread around and people recommended me to their friends. Within a month I had went from beginner to Top Rated Seller. However, I have over a decade of typing experience and thrive in that line of work, making it easier for me to crash out 5,000-6,000 words at a time. Others cannot do this, so it all depends on your own skill and technique how quickly you will reach that zenith.

However, being a Top Rated Seller has plenty of advantages. From a VIP support team that will back you in just about any fight and also a lot of brilliant gig extras that let you really ramp up the money you are bringing in. Therefore, getting to the top of the table really is worth it – it offers you so many benefits in the long run and gives you a lot of staying power with your clients. If you can point to a mostly positive reputation and try to mitigate any negative reviews left – some people are just like that, sadly – then you’re more than likely to receive help and assistance from the support staff.

Being a Top Rated seller requires you to adhere to the following all the time;

Honest Delivery – In my type of work on Fiverr, it’s actually very common for me to be ‘Late’ with delivery. The difference is that while most of my gigs actually do go ‘Late’ I will be in touch with the client as much as possible to give them a heads up. My gig queue list is thankfully full unless I’m not here, so it’s easy for them to see that I am busy. You might not be on time, but being honest buys you more time.

Quality Delivery – Following on from above, it would be silly to offer apologies and reasons for late delivery if you then hand in substandard work. I tend to be late as I’m working the whole day researching and improving work, not because I’m lazy. Make sure when your delivery comes in – it’s a quality piece of work.

Don’t Have An Ego – One of the most important things about working through Fiverr is that you are your own boss. This means if somebody is messing you around, you simply refund them and move on with no harm done. However, being your own boss has its drawbacks – you cannot act in any way arrogant or rude to gig buyers. The minute you start to have an Ego is when you will find yourself moving further and further away from the Top Rated Seller section of the site.

Basically, the three things which got me to a Top Rated Seller position was quality delivery, transparency and a humbleness and thanks for every $5 gig that was ordered. I found that by being nice and going the extra mile for clients, I was able to achieve and then sustain my Top Rated Seller status. Treat this like you run your own professional business, and Top Rated Seller status cannot be too far off.

Written by Adam, a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr. You can view his gigs here. (Check and Order my gig here: http://fivr.co/meggin)

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