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Why you need to be active on this site to get more sales


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Hi these days lots of sellers are complaining that they do not get sales. This is a small tip from me.

Fiverr is an on line working place. The major different with fiverr and other job is that fiverr is only a virtual office but all the other things happening here is very similar with the physical environment. When considering a physical office your daily presence. Though you don’t have specific things to do at your office when you go there you have to do some work there. Same theory apply to fiverr. Though you don’t have any new orders you have to be active in the site.

  1. Visit the site everyday

    Try to visit the site everyday though you don’t have new orders or messages. You may able to check email to know whether you got orders but never depend on emails always try to visit the site and try to spend few hours here at fiverr.com

  2. Edit your gigs

    Try to edit your gig images and gig videos. Make your gig description more sharp. try to add good keywords to your descriptions.

  3. Active on the forum

    Being active on fiverr forum will help you to find answers for your problems. There are thousands of tips given by top rated sellers those tips will help you to get more sales. Other than that you can introduce yourself as well as your gigs here on fiverr.

  4. Send traffic to your gigs

    Try to send some traffic to your gig from other social sites like Twitter, FaceBook, G+ and most of the time sharing your gigs in relevent forums and groups will add advantages.

  5. Be friendly with your buyers

    Usually when I get an order I always think that it is “our” work Mine and buyer’s. I don’t want to make our project useless so I usually put my best effort to make our project successful then these buyers will give you more sales and refer you more buyers

    Hope this will help you.
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Best option is to have some quality samples of your work… And that is what most people dont have. So its logical no one would be buying something.

See yourself as a customer… Why would you buy something, or not buy something… Its not really rocket science.

And if you need to provide traffic to this website or your gigs… well than its allot easyer to just start your own website and drop fiverr…

but thats just my opinion

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Yes you are correct… But fiverr has its own traffic as well. So it is quicker than starting a own site. Work samples are important but it is possible only for graphics and some other programming and some other categories it is impossible. As an example my animated banner gig is in GIF format where it is it appear even as portfolio

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