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Maximum number of gigs - suggestion


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I would like to suggest different system for maximum number of gigs sellers can have. I think maximum number of gigs should be decided on users activity and sales.


New user up to 5 gigs (to avoid spamming with rubbish offers). After making first sale with positive review your limit goes to 10. If you manage to make 10 sales, like it is now you go to level 1.

Level 1 - additional 10 gigs so total of 20.

Level 2 - 20 gigs (plus bonus gigs)

TRS - 30 gigs (plus bonus gigs)

Bonus Gigs explained:

Now, I would like to have option to get more than 20 gigs. Of course fiverr will not let it and their answer is always (try to organize it to include everything in 20 gigs). I have 20 active gigs, and all of them have sales, some more often some less.

So my suggestion to activate that bonus gigs would be to implement system to check sales of your active gigs. For example, fiverr system checks all your gigs and if all of them had sales in past 6 months (or so) you have an option to add another gig. So you have 21. When you make a sale with that 21st gig you have an option to add 22nd. And so on. And that could be limited to 30, 35 or 40, whatever is reasonable.

Also, I fiverr should make a system for removing gigs or inactive users. If a gig was without sales like 1 year or so, it should be warned and then deleted or such. But I suppose fiverr stuff is working on it as there are probably a lot of not active people all these years.

Why do I suggest this? I have all the gigs active and selling. They are pretty the same but if I do that with one gig I will not sell much. And I do have something like 5-6 nice ideas for new gigs but I just do not want to delete gigs with already achieved 5 star rating to test something new.

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