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3+ Simple Ways to Leveraging the Power of Relationships to SELL ON FIVERR….it worked

Guest megginwriter

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Guest megginwriter

So I’m here with you again today talking about 3+ Simple Ways to Leveraging the Power of Relationships to SELL ON FIVERR….trust me it worked in getting more sales on fiverr

So, I discovered a powerful secret this afternoon at the cafe writing and updating this blog – Fiverr Lab

It was so powerful that I was sure it would work and of course I’m beginning to get results and I’m sure if you try it as well, you will soon be smiling to the bank every month.

So what is this simple secret?

Well, I call it “Leveraging the Power of Relationships“.

Relationship sir/ma is the highest need and it seems to me that every great and commanding steps in the annals of the world is only traceable to the triumph and power of relationships, even quality relationships

So what’s the drill? Simple. Start making out with other Level 1, Level 2, and of course Top Rated Sellers.

By making out with them, I mean reaching out to them by saying hi and introducing yourself to them, what you’re into and let them know you will be handy in case they needed a hand on anything.

The idea here is to be friends with them. As it is in any offline business, you’ve got to relate with people for them to be able to trust you. Of course you can’t trust me with your money or say with the password to your paypal account if you don’t already know me.

For instance, it’s easy for folks to recommend Preseg to withdraw their Paypal earnings as per 1. Is reputation 2. Credibility 3. Honesty and this three is only achieved as per the relationships they’ve had with him.

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Still haven’t gotten the drill yet?

Reaching out to this folks will help you in so many ways;

  1. You will be learning first-hand from the experiences of those that have gone ahead of you in the business.

  2. You won’t have to make the mistakes they made.

  3. You will in most cases get referrals from them in a bid to help lift you, especially if they fall in love with your aura.

    There are many more benefits but I want to believe you got the whole idea now.

    NB: To rise quickly on fiverr involves 3 things or maybe more, I’d share this three.

    Leveraging the Power of Relationships

    The Anatomy of Relationships Building

  4. Responsiveness – Buyers love sellers that are responsive. By responsive I mean replying on time to buyers. I messaged Natashanixon today, one of the Top Rated Sellers on fiverr and within 5 seconds or so, I got her reply. That’s to tell you how responsive she is. (Well, I don’t blame her she gets over 60 orders per day).

    Here’s what she told me though:

    “Just work all day and you will be a success, I worked for 16hrs a day to get where I’m at. be committed and you will succeed. “

    Now, that’s someone who knows what her job is and is determined to do it well. It’s what I call, “leveraging the power of relationships”

  5. Effective Communication – Communication is one distinguishing factor between the successful and the fairly successful. The need for communicational skill these days has reason over 100%, especially in organizations because this one skill help and continue to help struck needed deals.

    My first buyer gave me a nice review and rating, even though we still haven’t figured out what happened to the job I’m trying to deliver to him, but that was on the premise of effective communication. (Thanks so much Brett for being kind and for having a good heart).

    I had communicated with him as though we’ve know all our lives. I mentioned his first name every time(I had to researched his name though).

    I communicated with him as though I was a professional, yes I am.

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  6. Badass Delivery – By badass I mean, explosive, stupendous, clean, magnificent, well delivered jobs.

    You’ve got to deliver exactly or even more than what you said you will do for your buyers for $5.

    Someone once said, “salary is another man’s assessment of your worth.”

    I concur with that thought and you’ve got to prove buyers who came with the intention of getting cheap works done.

    Make them feel like they are “THIEVES” and that they should be paying more for your service.

    Now, that will only be possible if you’re offering them more than they can chew.

    And here’s a bonus:

  7. Gift of the Gab – gift of the gab simply means the ability to persuade. Sometimes, buyers don’t feel they should hire you to do their work but you’ve got to persuade them into buying your gigs whether they like it or not.

    You will only be able to do this from the creation arena to the delivery center.

    How do I mean?

    Optimize your gig from the word “GO”. That is;

  8. Optimize your headline

  9. Optimize your images,

  10. Setup an explosive video showing buyers what you can do for them and why they should leave other sellers and come to you

  11. Write a mind-blowing sales page of 1200 words, that is your description. Make sure you optimize it well with your keywords(article writing or something).

  12. Optimize your tags

    Truth is the creation of your blog will either mar you or make you successful selling on fiverr.

    When you have a fantastic account and gig setup, it will always attract and persuade buyers to make that first move, which is to contacting you.

    Then you need to be responsive in answering them, communicate with them effectively and of course deliver a nice gig cause they sure will have no choice but to order your gig.

    Was this helpful? You can order my gigs on Content Writing here: (http://fivr.co/meggin) if you think I deserve it. 🙂


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