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Give 12 USA pva Facebook accounts with info


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For many years, Google and other online services have offered PVA and non PVA accounts . Now, you can purchase cheap Facebook PVA accounts,

If you are looking for USA PVA Facebook with Gmail double verification accounts.Then this gig will be ideal for you.I am providing you 12 PVA Facebook with Gmail double verification accounts. All Facebook & Gmailwill be made manually. So, hurry up and get your accounts quickly!

Advantage for using my service…

Real and authentic.

All account create from USA phone number.

All account are mail verify.

All account create from USA IP.

All accounts have profile picture.

All accounts are full info.

All accounts add friends manually.

All accounts clear. no temporary block.

You can log in any where in the wold.

I will Give you Username, password, recovery, details in an excel sheet.

These accounts are 100 percent unique.

ALL ACCOUNT 100% Replacement GUARANTEE, FOR days. 30

24/7 Support

Fast Turnaround

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