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Hey Fiverr Sellers,


Today I present a gig that I will be selling to my fellow fiverr sellers. Recently on January 29th there was a post published on Fiverr Blog ( http://blog.fiverr.com/) It talks about the importance of visual’s in one section.

Link to my fiverr gig: http://fiverr.com/routezap/create-a-price-structure-template-for-fiverr-sellers

(EDIT: Video is Up now!)

Now I have personally been using paint to do my price structures and so have some other Sellers as well. There is still a large amount of fiverr seller’s that don’t incorporate an image to better clarify how they gig extra’s work. So I thought I create a gig where by I will provide a choice of 4 templates to accommodate your pricing table for gig extra’s.

I am attaching the link from fiverr that recently talked about this and inspired me to provide this gig.

Check it out here: http://blog.fiverr.com/2013/01/29/make-money-before-you-level-up/

Here are some points to remember:

**Adding a photo/graphic to explain your pricing.

A photo/graphic will reinforce your video explanation and provide a visual to help buyers see your pricing and what they can get.

**Laying out your price structure in the Gig description.

You should also lay out your pricing in the description. Make it as clear as possible: “$5=black and white face portrait, $10=face portrait with color,” etc.

This was quoted from the link that I pasted. I hope you guys like this gig and drop me some feedback about this. I am considering this currently as an experiment, I haven’t fined tuned my gig at all 🙂

Video Is up! 🙂

Cheers guys!

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Hey Routezap

good advice, and good gig.

Now this is purely my oppinion.

My only critism is, it’s overpriced… I’m really looking at the extras here.

I had the complete intention of ordering your gig (because i’m lazy) but when I checked the total price for a template picture with a few lines of text on it showing my extra’s, my immediate thoughts were… I can do that myself in 10 mins and save $15.

I don’t mean any disrespect… I just think if you fixed the pricing you would get some more sales, myself included.

Apart from that good idea!

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Reply to @wolfstarpicture:

Heya, thanks for the honest feedback 🙂

Yes, Like I mentioned previously its just a test/experiment the prices are not permanent. I was looking for feedback and wanted to see if this gig was even worthwhile doing and providing for some of the sellers. I will definitely revise my pricing.

Thanks wolfstarpicture! 🙂

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Hey No poblem!

Glad your taking it on board!

if it were me I would price it as the following. (I would also create a few more templates)

Basic gig $5 covers

1 Pictuture template

up to 8 lines of text (including gig extras)

$5 extra, get 3 templates and your text for the price of 1! (copy and paste job really)

$5 extra include your company logo on your template, must supply logo in a PNG white background (Routezap if you don’t know how to do this I’ll show you, dead easy)

$5 extra, source files supplied in PSD for all templates.

$5 extra superfast done in 24 hours.

Now that, in my oppinion is a good pricing plan for your gig.

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