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LEVEL 2 Seller! My story so far


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So i am proud to say that i am now a Level two seller!

Its taken a while and lots of hard work but I’m finally there and it feels great. i have been a member of Fiverr for around 2 years and had the odd gig which sold a tiny amount.

Its only in the last few months that i have really stepped it up a gear. My sales have been slowly creeping up and i have also recently sold a few $25 gigs with my extra’s which is awesome. I have now put a $40 extra so will see if i get any of those…

It took me a while to find a winning gig as i have around 20. But the one that has really boosted my sales is this one.


Perhaps it doesn’t hurt that the models are sexy but id like to think my end product is the selling point ha.

Just thought i would offer my advice below so that if you are wanting to get to level two you know that these things have helped me.

Make sure your finished product is good quality, always communicate well with your buyers, give good turn around times and ask politely for reviews. Reviews really really help as it gives validation to your claims of giving good service.

Self promotion is good, i have offers for the first 20 people who buy my gig (they get an extra free picture). I use this forum and others to tell people about my gigs. When i put up a new gig and i think my previous customers would be interested i just send them a polite quick message to tell them.

It is very slow to start off with and it can sometimes feel that you are not getting anywhere. But give it time and i mean sometimes months and i promise you will get there! Don’t expect to be able to quite your job next month after putting up a gig or two. However once you do build up momentum i can see how people can give up their jobs to be a Fiverr seller full time.

Start small and say right… i want to be able to make enough money on Fiverr to pay for my coffee each day. When you get there think bigger and say ok… how about my Friday takeaway pizza too. Then build it up so you can perhaps work one less day a week… then two etc. Dream small to start with and try not to run before you can walk.

Im not saying i can afford to take time off work yet but i do one hour of overtime a day. So now i want to get to the point where i can give that up. And i think I’m almost getting there.

Anyway here’s to paying for every meal, every coffee drink and everything we want in life from our Fiveer success.


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