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Time wasting sellers. What can be done?


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Hi All,

I recently had a case where I needed some Microsoft Excel work done. I contacted excelguru4u on Sept 13th with my request. After some conversation about specification, I purchased $165 of gigs on 20th Sept and he started work. At least he said he would.

I asked for an update on 25th Sept and again on 29th Sept and he stated he would send the file “shortly”. One day later he requested to cancel the order.

Having had a strict deadline which I now have to explain to my company why it was not met, how do we avoid time wasting sellers that are dishonest? I chose this seller, excelguru4u, because of his feedback. I cannot leave him feedback because he didn’t complete the job. This seems unfair and as a result there is a huge bias on this site and it doesn’t tell the whole truth. Perhaps this is the first time he has done this but I cannot warn other buyers that this seller is not trustworthy.

Your thoughts welcomed and I’d like to hear from Fiverr on this also!



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