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How can I explain to a buyer how to "put something in the instructions field"


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Hi fiverr sellers. I hope this is the appropriate section to ask this.

Every now and then I get a buyer that does not understand why I’m asking them to put something in the “instructions” field of a gig they purchased from me that serves as a “Gig extra”. Because I’m not level one yet , I still offer extras by way of purchasing the gig a certain number of times… But in doing so , since the customer usually puts all his instructions on the first order… They seem to intentionally not fill out the “instructions box” of their supplemental gigs. Every now and then I get a buyer that doesnt know how to go back to the gig in question and fill in the box…

My question

How can I very simply explain to a buyer where his order is so he can fill out that instructions box? I've tried telling him to "view all" his orders somehow.. And I've even given him a message from that gig by clicking the "Buyer not responding?" button.. and writing something in there saying ""Put something in this box please to avoid further delay!" ... but it's not happening.

How can I easily explain to my buyer where to find this? - Thanks!
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Whenever something similar happens to me, I just use the “Buyer not responding” button and let them know that I can’t start working until they write something in there. Since they get that as a regular message and they click the link in their email to view it, they should get right on that page and be able to do as you asked.

Have you taken into consideration that the buyer might have accidentally ordered another gig and thinks that if he/she doesn’t make it active he/she will get his/her money back?

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Thanks for your replies. I’m finding no easy way to fix the problem.

Messaging them from the order in question seems to be the best thing to do… But then again I still get those buyers that are like "Huh?"


I wonder if I should just leave the instructions blank and tell everyone to give their specifics and info to my inbox … hell … would save me a lot of time looking through 5 different orders for the same person AND checking my inbox to see if I missed some instruction somewhere… Hmm… thanks both of ya.

and to answer your question carlaism - I have not had that problem yet. I do have an incomplete order that came in with no instructions or private message… I have no idea why he threw 5 dollars at me and isn’t telling me why =P Its been 3 weeks.

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