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Today I found Several bugs on Fiverr


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Today is the worst day of my life, My Manage Gigs Page is not working properly. Please check the screenshots to find more details.

As you see all 11 gigs are active but my gigs page shows only 10, 1 Pending for approval but whenever I tried to check Pending page - No pending gigs to show. Now lets go to category or list page where my gig is showing - I will design Outstanding print ready business card for $5 ( But whenever I clicked on my active gig - The Gig you were looking for is no longer available.

Fiverr Team Please fix this bug or issue ASAP 😦





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Mods :

Have you noticed this discussion ? If so please contact Fiverr Technical Team to fix this bug.

If the deadline is Jan 01 00:00 then why all sellers balance gone from last midnight.

I am sure this is technical bug. The programmer have set deadline to this month’s 00:00 but fiverr given deadline up to Jan 01.

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