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3 Things that Buyers can consider when get their jobs done


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Hi though I am a level 1 Seller on fiverr I was helping to few friends who are doing well on fiverr before I’ve join with this site. So I’ve good experience about the things happening on fiverr. I am starting this treat to discuss most common things done by buyers which will negatively affect on the services provided by the sellers.

  1. Lack of Communication

    Most common mistake done by lots of buyers. Buyers do not take time to explain the things they are expecting from the seller. They just post few words and 2-3 attachments, Sellers can’t read buyers mind so they should explain what they exactly need. When buyers do not explain the things correctly sellers have to waste their time by doing lots of modifications and most of the time buyers have to go for mutual cancellation. So please try to explain the things you need to get done from the seller clearly and communicate with them frequently.

  2. Read the Gig Description well

    Before place any orders please read the gig description well. Do not ask buyers to do something they are not offering under their gig… when someone place and order and ask to do something that the seller doesn’t provide seller may try to do it anyhow this will result poor quality output. Many sellers still do not want to go for mutual cancellation though it doesn’t have any effect. So please read the gig description carefully and place the order on the correct gig.

  3. Check whether the seller provide after sale services

    As an example I usually provide very good after sale service not only me there are some sellers who are providing free revision till buyer satisfy. This will help you to get your graphic task done accurately. When buyer help you to get the things you need it will be easy for you. So search for gigs which provide free revision till buyer satisfy 100%.

    These 3 Tips will help you to get all your tasks done with fiverr with 100% satisfaction. By considering these 3 facts you will able to get nearly 50$ worth task for just 5$ ENJOY!

    Have a Nice day and thanks for reading.
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