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Fiverr has brought in a new business strategy - change in their search algorithm - with Fiverr 3.0!


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With Fiverr new update, many sellers are seeing less sales than before. Discussions are going on in this forum about why this is happening to the old sellers. Really, this is an important thing to think about for the old sellers, since Fiverr means a lot to the old sellers as they are depended on it for making end met.

It seems that Fiverr is now promoting new sellers/new gigs no less than the old ones. Previously new gigs were less highlighted. Now Fiverr is trying to point out the new unique gigs and promote those. That is why we might be seeing the new gigs on the homepage and on the front page of different categories.

That’s not a problem though as long as it does not decrease the sales of the old sellers. But it seems to be happening for the old sellers. Less orders in the my tasks page is no way an interesting thing to see.

If this decrease continues, old sellers will need to promote their own gigs more frequently. That would be difficult for some of them and everyone knows that Fiverr takes 20% commission for helping out the sellers.

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It seems like there is, for lack of a better word, a “doughnut hole”, analogic to the American Medicare system. The top page always seems to be the same “good ol’ boys club” it’s always been, but now peppered-in with new folks.

You’d think that after being on Fiverr for a year, I’d have shown up in the first page of my category once. Just once. But no, it’s the same gigs and people who were there a year ago, and six months ago, and three months ago, and last month, with some newbies sprinkled in.

It seems level 1 and 2 sellers are now the “forgotten”.

Dag nabbit, I responded in the wrong category. Sorry, my fault.

Let’s move this conversation to “Chit chat”

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The discussion has been moved. 🙂

Fiverr could have uesd the old rotational system with a little bit more importance to the new sellers. But promoting new sellers directly to the homepage is not what I expected.

And I think many sellers work here as part timers. For them, it’s difficult to spend time in promoting their gigs. For me, being a full time student I can’t afford to do that. Now it seems that either I have to spend my money to promote my gigs or else I will have less sales forever! Moreover, out of Fiverr traffic does not always covert to sales.

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