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I reached level 1 today!


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Dear fellow Fiverr’s,

I’m new to Fiverr and want to introduce myself. I’m pictureduke and I love to draw. I joined Fiverr about two months ago not really knowing what to expect. I published my first bizarre pictures gig and started to wait for the money to come in. I waited a day, then another day and then a week. Nothing happened. Not a single cent flowed to my direction. Sad and broke I cried till I fell a sleep. Next morning I felt a little better, waved my fist at the mirror and decided to forget Fiverr for good.

The old wisdom is “what you reap is what you sow”.

To my big surprise a month later I had an email in my inbox that said that I had my first order. Finally I got to draw and draw I did. I delivered my first work and got great response and feedback. To my big surprise soon I got another order and another order and another order.

Today I reached level 1! I’m so happy. This has been so much fun and I’m hoping to keep getting more orders to draw and deliver. I believe that the money comes in soon as well. My wait is over. I no longer wave my fist, I smile at the mirror and mirror smiles back.

I just wanted to write and share my happy moment and thank all of my clients and the Fiverr staff for this great opportunity!

Yours truly,


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