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Improvement suggestion to Request a Gig


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I have just used Request a gig - to source a designer to help create a cover for my next eBook. I had something approaching 170 replies/offers.

Many of those sellers didn’t appear to read our requirement and so were discounted right off the bat. Others, refused to offer up samples (we asked for a mockup of the design (low-quality, watermarked or both) this was to ensure the seller understood our requirements), these sellers were also dropped.

The remaining sellers (well over 100) were deemed suitable, and I took a few hours to find the right one (fingers crossed).

I then sent all of the other sellers a thank you and let them know which seller we went with, etc.

My suggestion for Fiverr. Once a Gig Request has been successfully awarded to a seller, it would be nice to be able to display a message to all the other sellers who took the time to offer their services. It took me over an hour to message them individually.

p.s I took down details from a few for future Gig jobs, so It pays to have good communication skills.



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