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What Do You Do About Orders Where Buyers Do Not Submit Correct Information?


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I recently read a forum post where someone suggested creating a “Reject Buyer Submit” or "Buyer Submit Incomplete " button to knock orders like these out of our queue and have the clock stopped on certain orders until Buyers submit the CORRECT information for an order.

In my case, this usually happens when a Buyer refuses to leave a script (testimonial gigs), and says something like “visit my website” instead of submitting proper info. This of course puts Sellers at risk for late deliveries and of course, the clock is ticking!

I am one of those sellers who is EXTRA clear about what is required in a gig in my promo videos, descriptions and instructions. We sellers work hard and do not wish to lose our Levels status (1, 2, Top Rated) due to occasional buyer negligence. Before I was Top-Rated, I actually lost my Level 2 status for this very reason, which was me requesting mutual cancellation due to Buyers refusing to submit required info, or following instructions (even if Customer Support was contacted).

Fiverr is a huge part of my life at this point, and I want to remain in good standing.

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