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READ that GIG description!


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Dear buyers, sorry for my caps, but please READ THAT GIG DESCRIPTION!

I just had an experience with someone, he asked me to make a video without leggings, I explained him it is cold here and I will use legging. And than, guess what, he got a B***tch fit! He said I have a problem with him and he became rude. Also, my gig description does not give the buyer the possibility to choose leggings or not leggings, jacket or not jacket etc.

It just gives the possibility to choose skirt or shorts, but no, he will not understand, so I am rude and I have a problem with him, poor little guy.

I dont know if this is relevant or not, he is from a country where women are not treated well, from the very beginning I felt something rude in his message. He is acting like a jerk, gives 5$ and almost asks to show my a*s to him.<br /> <br /> If some buyers read this, I want to let you know we are a freelancer team and we are looking to work with civilized people, and I assure you, all sellers are looking to work with civilized people! So read that gig description, be polite and accept that sometimes, well, we just cant go sunbathing in the snow, and be naked for you.

And if we refuse such offers, we assure you, it is not that we are not professionals, it is not that we have a problem with you, we never have a problem with our clients!

Its because YOUR request may have a problem, its because your attitude may have a problem.

I am not rude posting this here, trust me, I want to help you, if you are a buyer. And I want you to understand a super simple duty you have, read that gig description before ordering! And you will see-the rainbow will show itself all over!

From time to time, I meet such buyers.And it`s so frustrating!

Read our gig description before starting an absurd war! SO SIMPLE!

“Such not much, Wow!” - so to say

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