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Your most effective demo videos


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Hey sellers!

I’m actually looking for tips here, mainly from Top Rated Sellers.

I’m wanting to keep my gigs fresh, and am getting ready for a new round of video production for the gig demos.

Does anyone out there have a specific working system/strategy/governance that they use when producing the demo videos for their gigs, that has proven to get more buyers to actually purchase?

I’m not talking about the basics like “Make sure you speak clearly and have a good quality video.” That’s common sense stuff. I talking about specific things that work better than others. Like putting graphics or text in a certain place, a special use for music or effects, giving a certain greeting or introduction, saying certain things or making certain points, using a certain timing, wearing certain clothing, having something specific in your background. Deeper level stuff like that.

I think this could be a fun and interesting topic to help make Fiverr an even better place to work and shop.

(Please do not spam this topic with self-promotion. I’m not looking for someone to make the videos for me. I’m looking for tips to make them myself)

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