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Want To Open A New Account and Want To Close The Current Account


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I don’t know why but until now i did not get a single job on this account. I don’t know what is the problem ? So i decided to close my account, but another thing is i don’t know if i want to open a new account on fiverr, can i do that.

Need Suggestion.


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Guest celticmoon

The forums have hundreds of great posts written by experienced sellers with the purpose of helping new members. Two good forums to start with are “Tips for Sellers” and “Fiverr FAQ”. You can use the search box in the upper right corner to find specific topics, but here are some excellent posts to get started:

Another area to learn more about how the Fiverr site works, sort of the “nuts and bolts”, is the Customer support page. You can click the blue words here, or click “help” on every page of the Fiverr site. There are many brief, quick-to-read articles explaining how to do things like create a gig, file a report with customer support, withdraw funds or upload videos as well as information about troubleshooting and error messages.

The main problem I see with your gigs is that they’re all basically the same thing. Most of your gigs are either the same service, just worded differently, or extremely similar. Why not try consolidating all those gigs to one “I will do your coding work for you” gig?

Saying this:“My templates will support all kind of email client and in different platform, i am sure.” sounds like maybe you’re NOT sure. You should know what platforms, and list them, or at least some of the most popular ones.

You also need to “sell” your gigs. Why does a buyer need these services? A good hat seller makes sure his clients know that hats make a man look taller, keeps him warm & dry, and is fashionable! Now list why a client needs your coding skills.

“I am learning web designing…” Now the buyer knows you’re still in school. Why not say, “I have 3 years experience coding…”

“So give me the chance, i am not going to let you down.” Every buyer expects every seller to do his/her best & not let them down. This sounds desperate. Try sounding confidant & proactive: “Satisfaction guaranteed”

Good luck~


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