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Very unhappy- fiverr is too difficult to navigate!


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How about being honest? Your “customer support team " is here 24/7…???/ WHERE??? all I can see is a useless page of FAQ and topics about many things EXCEPT contacting your elusive “support” team…I find NOWHERE that Ican talk or chat to anyone from your

’support team” WHY DO YOU HIDE FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS ??? Are you tired of answering questions about your substandard service and lack of support for people trying to give you cash? WOW!!!

I’m trying to actually GIVE YOU MY MONEY and you make it very difficult to resolve even the slightest issues…This site reeks of mismanagement, poor design (not user friendly) and your list of self help topics appear to be the only way of getting help?

NEWS FLASH_ you folks have competition and Im willing to spend $200 on Design Crowd and avoid the constant hassel here of navigating a self serving machine that obviously is putting cheap profits ahead of a quality service…which really sucks for your customers and vendors…

I bet this “suggestion” to smarten up goes unanswered-and I bet my money goes to the company who makes it easiest- not cheapest. Fiverr will not get anymore of my money.

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