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How long does it take for fiverr revenue card to become activated? [ARCHIVED]


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Last day i clicked on fiverr revnue card to see the status. Now i see Withdrawal Completed Successfully

$468. Where is this fund ? I never received any amount from you. My Payoneer account is zero? Without any confirmation you made the withdraw by only one click ? Now i would like to know where is my fund actually ?



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Hi, I had a very small doubt. Do you guys keep a track of your revenues nd funds cleared manually also? Like apart from Fiverr Revenue page, just to cross check, and has there been any mismatch which needed CS support, in that I will also manually keep a record woth me.

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ozzieuk said: It may never activate. This has happened to a few people here best bet is to get in touch with Payoneer also see this thread http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/2015/fiverr-revenue-card-woes/p1

This was posted near the top of the thread so perhaps it is a better answer than just posting at the bottom of an old thread. I don’t have a revenue card so I can’t suggest anything else but to contact Payoneer.

Here is another thread that may be useful:


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